Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hello Internet. It's me, Sarah Katie Holmes and I'm funny.

I've been gone for ages once again, but seriously, what's new? Let's not linger on that, although I do miss the days when I was blogging daily. Makes me feel so good. I've been going out a lot lately. I love it. I love to dance. I don't drink, I just sweat. I love dancing with my sister.
Guess what!? I bought a new mattress and boxspring! It's awwwwesome. I have the most freaking comfortable mattress in all the universe. Don't even try to debate. But seriously, its wonderland.

Firstly we snagged a super deal: 40% rebate on a Simmons Beauty Rest mattress. It has individual pocket coils, and that translated means this: Let's say you and I are laying side by side on my mattress (you wish). If you decide to bounce your body up and down like a 5 year old next to me, get this, I don't feel a thing! Well, a teeny tiny super miniscule smidgeon. It's so comfy and I'm in love. You should have seen me a few hours ago. I was kinda feeling like Miss Alba in Good Luck Chuck. Remember the way Jess talks about how she just "loves loves loves" penguins?
In other VIP news a music video I star in as the lead gal comes out June 12th for a CD Release/Launch party! Will post asap.
Yawn. Me so sleepy. See you tomorrow? 

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