Friday, May 29, 2009

I live the way I feel.

Seems to me I'm lazy but ultimately I'm tired. Too tired for you internet. I'm helping people live in the non-digi world so I'm extra busy. I love to dance. Pretty sure I've mentioned that a few times. I missed the auditions for so you think you can dance. Man I was so excited about it. Missed my shot. Even though I work on call and got called for work the day of, it's my fault. Where the heck is my passion, my drive and my confidence? Hm, and I always thought I was super. I would like to talk about things I like now to cheer me up.
I like this picture. It's fun and I took it. Those are my tootsies. I am not the best at taking pictures but I try because I believe I am an artist. In my world anyway.

I run and talk and walk- I'm hot
You say, they say, words all ok
I wonder why I think I'm cool
I don't do the things I ought to do
I don't mean bad
I do no wrong
I sing the song

But I'm not writing the lyrics.

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