Thursday, May 21, 2009

my oh my never wanna say goodbye!

It was too beautiful out to be inside today, but alas, life is not fair. That's why I have a job. But you know what, it's not fair to judge either. I may work with people who have deficiencies, but they're happy and chatty. They might not always say or act or do the right thing, but after all, nobody's perfect.
I just came back from the gym. I bought a pass after buying my bathing suit. Gotta get rid of those suit fears somehow! Plus, it seems to go hand in hand. Besides, I love the gym, it's so motivating and I love to run. 
I went outside for my break today-of course! It was hot and windy and awesome!

Hahaha. I love myself. This is dorky and I'm nutty!

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  1. eating toast pic is cute. was feeling a little down today and your blog cheered me up :)