Monday, May 4, 2009

Anniversary, Anniversaire

I didn't blog yesterday because I was really busy celebrating two very special events including three very special people. Yesterday, my parents celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary. I am so proud of them. Their journey is one of perseverance and strength. Their loving bond conquered their differences, their budgets, and everything else the world threw at them. When times were hard, they were hard but they never gave up. Instead, they braced themselves and stood side by side, holding hands, fingers laced with a firm grip. They made it :)
I look up to them with such pride and can only hope to have a love as strong last so long. They're my idols; they amaze me. And not only are they lovers, but they are best friends, and not only are they best friends, but most importantly of all, they're teammates. Way to go Team Maman & Dad. A french waitress and an english speaking Chef with some french phrases up his sleeve came to be and tested time. They won. Man they're cool.
May 3rd also marked the birthday of a very special person in my life. Somebody that I crossed paths with unintentionally but has changed my life drastically. I think we were destined to meet. He's in love with nature. More than me. His name is William Lee Shanks, but we just call him Lee. Lee makes snow in the winter at Owl's Head and scuba dives in the summer installing docks. He's amazing and I recently just inspired him to start his own blog. I can't wait until it gets started, until then I'll keep you posted. He has a really great outlook on life and I've enjoyed many thoughtful conversations with him. I rented a room in his house a year ago when my life was changing. His was changing too. We helped each other out, and our words still find us today. We stick together because we're two peas in a pod. He's pea 1 and I'm pea 2.
I had a wonderful and warm weekend. 

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