Friday, February 27, 2009

me & my bestie

Looking at you
Looking at me
Is life growing inside a tree
A birth of fire, without fear
You’re brave

Strong, stay simple
In yours as in mine
Eyes behold the secrets
Our lips are our weapons
Mischievously, we use them
I’m lured but you are as well
Somewhere between heart and ache
The barrier fell
You saw me
I met you
Earth and seed

We will not let our branches wilt

im not a nerd.....

but I do love them. And although I seem smart, blogging and surfing the twitisphere, I'm actually not very tech-savvy at all. I really don't like reading stuff that explains stuff. I think it's boring and I always hope I'll just figure it out on my own. My-oh-my, it's a webtacular world.

The Saga

Thursday, February 26, 2009

caution: twitter- highly addictive!

I can't stop tweeting! There are so many different applications, and I'm a naturally curious gal, and ohhhhhhh it's such a bad combo! It's like micro-blogging. Instant micro-blogging. It's so fun and I've met and learned from so many tweeps already!

brain farts, but um, good ones, like, explosive little pretty thoughts

A snippet:

Breathing patterns hold
emotions/hiccups, burps,
yawns in motion/blurry eyes may hide your fear but if you do not breathe..

A tale:

In the wind
In the wind
Thoughts are flying in the wind
I cannot catch them
Because they're not mine
But maybe I will learn in time

put an end to bullying!

Yesterday was :

I Will Wear Something Pink on February 25th & Take A Stand Against Bullying Day

Why Pink? Get the scoop! Two Nova Scotia students raised awareness after bullies decided to pick on kid for wearing pink.

I wore bright pink and I felt really great about it. My oldest sister was tortured with this form of cruelty all throughout high school. It's disturbing some of the things bullies did to her. They threw batteries at her, lit her hair on fire, and once they broke a cd into pieces and whipped that at her too for no reason. Not only was it extremely hard for my sister to face everyday, but it was also hard on us, her family. They called her so many names and thinking about it to this day still brings tears to my eyes. I wish I could take all that pain away from her memory. I never let anyone bully her when I was around. I love my sister like a helpless fool and I think she's amazingly courageous!

She digs horror flicks and that's her thang! She's an officer for the Facebook group I LOVE HORROR MOVIES!!! which has over 14,000 members! You should check her out and follow the discussion board!

Bullying is something that really affected me closely. If you allow bullying to take place, you are no better than the bully! It usually starts off mild, but bullying can escalate and get very out of hand, driving kids to depression and suicide. Make noise! I am aware and I'll stick up for anybody; nobody deserves to be intimidated or taunted. It's a very important issue in youth's and adults' society. Recognize! You can follow pinkshirtday on Twitter.

Take a STAND! Make a difference. Bullying is so not cool.

très late!

I woke up at 7h27am today. Actually I woke up at 6h45, 6h50,7h00,7h09,7h18 and finally got out of bed, or rather jolted out, at 7h27. The first three times are the usual, set alarm clocks. The next three was the snooze button. I work at 8ham, and it takes me 20 minutes to get here. I was dressed, made up, with coffee and out the door @ 7h41. Thank goodness I laid some clothes out for myself the night before! So the only thing I didn't manage to accomplish was mascara, but I stuck it in my purse and I'm off to put that on now. I think 13 minutes is a pretty darn amazing amount of time to look fabulous in! ;) I also grabbed a banana for breakfast, man, I'm a pro!

I got fake eyelash extensions once. Really fancy salons and professionals charge an arm and a leg for them. I've seen prices range from 100$ to 150$ to 250$. I'm assuming they apply real human eyelashes though. Mine were totally fake but so long, curly and black! They cost me 30$. When the woman applied them she told me they would last at least three weeks, maybe six. They only lasted me a week tops before my eyes began to look patchy. They are applied individually with some kind of black super glue so that if there is excess you can't see it. It was fun not to have to apply mascara but have killer, flirty eyes for a week; I felt so beautiful! I would never do it again though because after trying to remove the false lashes myself and pulling out huge chunks of my own, I was pretty much horrified! From now on, au naturel!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I heart my brother lots :) we've been friends since we were toddlers

So, this is my amazing friend Chris. Did I mention he's amazing?

I'm Tweeting!

I have some very exciting news- I just signed up on Twitter! I'm a little bit dumb-founded because I'm not quite sure how it works yet, but I am very excited to make new tweeps! Join me in the adventure of change!

the latest on facebook

This is the latest thing on FB.
Basically, you post this image and for every 'character' you tag a friend.
It's kind of cute, but I can see some people getting their feelings hurt.
I mean, the lazy one? The annoying one? Sure as heck wouldn't want to be tagged as the annoying one! :S

There are always new games roaming around Facebook and I just spotted a new one today. Recently there was 25 random things and make your own album cover. This morning's discovery goes as follows: In the Google search engine, type your name and 'need' next to it and then copy down the first ten things 'you' need. It was funny to see a few of the things that popped up, but some were from other need lists that other Sarahs had already created. Nonetheless, here's my list:

Sarah needs to get her life back and establish herself as the person in charge.

Sarah needs a cold shower, self-esteem and TVgasm

Sarah needs a Wii

Sarah Needs is on Facebook

Sarah needs sponsors to compete

Sarah needs batteries

Sarah needs a band

Sarah needs a fun post today because last night was a bit depressing.
wow- total opposite of the truth!

Sarah needs to swim

Sarah needs a miracle

TVgasm got me curious, so I googled it, and it's actually a website. It's a forum where people can discuss shows, channels, movies etc. Check it out if you like!

mac mac macaroni!

This is me and my friend Helen Downie! I really love this picture; it was taken on her birthday @ La Distillerie. It's located in The Plateau on Mont-Royal. It's a really great place! It's always packed there and I love the atmosphere. The tables are actually big barrels, and the cocktails are served in mason jars, as you can tell by the picture! That one mojito is enough booze for me! There's 4 ounces alone in a big jar! But you can also get drinks in smaller masons if you wish. I am really looking forward to going back there this summer!

I haven't seen Helen in a while so yesterday we put our energy together and had such a great time! It was a much needed visit, and I always feel so great when I'm around her!
For dinner we ended up making macaroni with a chili twist. Want the recipe? It was delicious! This is what you'll need:

-Egg noodles
-Tomato sauce & kidney beans (organic)
- (All organic) Portobello mushrooms, yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes, onions, garlic, carrots
- vegetarian 'ground beef' or the real variety, but I promise, you can't taste the difference! ;)

First, we browned the onions and the garlic, then added the carrots with a bit of water so they could boil and soften up. Then we added the sauce and the strained and rinsed kidney beans. Meanwhile our egg noodles are boiling. Stir the sauce until warm and then add in the tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers. If you cut your vegetables in bigger pieces, they are more likely to retain more flavor. Stir and heat sauce slowly, barely at a simmer. In another pan, heat up the veggie beef. What's great about it is it's not meat so it doesn't need to be cooked, it only needs to be heated up in a pan with some olive oil. Once hot, add to sauce. Let sauce "mijote" for a few more minutes until all is hot and smelling really good and then serve over drained and rinsed egg noodles! Add salt and pepper to taste! Mmmmmmm!

We also enjoyed a small, green salad on the side with carrots, tomatoes, sesame seeds and some italian dressing, served with a tall glass of water and chocolate soy milk! It was such a beautiful dinner and we were stuffed silly!

Afterwards we washed dishes which gave us time to digest before we continued with the next scheduled activities for the evening. Ever heard of Turbo Jam? It's hilarious! Maybe you've watched the infomercial one night when nothing was playing on TV? It's another corny video work-out that ressembles Tae Bo. A friend of mine owns the dvd's and made copies for me. We attempted the "Fat Blaster" which is a jam-packed 30 minute work-out. We were sweating and laughing and struggling to bust our tushes! I could feel the burn!

After Turbo Jam, we stuck Hip Hop Abs into the dvd player, which is the work-out Helen brought. We did "Hips, Buns and Thighs". Holy Moly, did we ever laugh! It's like your dancing and it really does have a hip hop vibe so it was really fun. This one made me stretch my muscles more, while Turbo Jam's "Fat Blaster" was hardcore cardio. This guy, Shaun T is sure to make you crack up!

We were exhausted at the end of the night, but we felt great! I miss Helen Downie already! :(
Yet again, we had a memorable evening. I drove her home and we wished each other well, but who knows? Maybe next week we'll find time to, as Shaun T would say, "Work it!" again?


Sleeping is so weird. Sleeping patterns are weirder. If I sleep 6 hours, this is alright. If I sleep 8 this makes me feel really amazing! If I sleep 7, I feel exhausted! It's bizarre and intriguing all at the same time.

This picture was taken at my boyfriend's old place. He used to live with two other guys, explaining the tower of empty bottles. It's morning and I'm wrapped up in my favorite shirt, which belongs to Mike of course. This is when we first started seeing each other over a year ago. It's funny to look back..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

eating habits

I have been eating horribly for the past week and a half. I don't know why, but I have been having cravings for junk! Tonight, I'm looking forward to something deliciously nutritious! I'm thinking avocado and some egg noodles, but I'll see what Helen feels like first. In any case, bye bye empty calories! Bye bye!

Mmmm, those pictures are making me so hungry! That's my cooking! Doesn't it look tasty?
I like it fresh and colorful! It really affects my mood: it makes me happy! Yay for healthy eating!

today is a rockin' awesome day

LOVE my outfit today.

Red and black. Girly but punky. I feel so different and I like it! So today is cool. I have so many positive things to focus on. My apartment is fairly clean. Tidy. Last night I accomplished nearly everything I wanted done. Dishes, watered plants, roller-brushed the couch, took down Vday decor, choose a lovely outfit for today♥, removed all my make up and washed my face! :) The only thing left undone was taking the recycling down to the basement, but my team player took it down this morning for me before I even woke up and a bonus was that he also took down the garbage! I grabbed the DVD's that needed to be returned to block buster, I had coffee, and enough time to make a lunch this morning. I am on a high! For the past few weeks I've been awfully sick which caused me to be tired and lazy. I was feeling really unproductive last night. And my laziness and unaccomplished daily chores were really starting to make me feel guilty. Mike left for work last night at 10 to 10hpm. I was extremely tired as he had just finished massaging and then caressing my shoulders and neck. A recipe for droopy eyes. Just when I thought I was going to go to bed with everything a mess, I pushed myself. I started picking up my things, watering the plants etc and then said to myself "I'll take a pac-man break" which is always a bad idea! I got caught up! And then I went to youtube and started singing Karaoke songs and before you knew it it was getting really late! However, I pushed myself and finished the dishes, shook the rug outside, took down decor... I was all ready for bed, minus cleaning my face. I never used to remove my make up or wash my face because I'm really lucky and I don't have bad skin, so this routine is fairly new for me. For Christmas I recieved a lovely Marcelle washing kit from my mum-in-law and bought make up remover. I realized that if I continued to neglect my skin, I could end up looking old a lot faster! I'm also really bad for never taking my contacts out at night. I accomplished all three of these goals last night! Woooooooooot! And even though I only got to bed at 1ham and only got 6 hours of sleep, I know I would have felt worse with 8 hours of sleep and a) a messy apartment, b) an unwashed face and racoon eyes, c) plants unwatered and coffee unprepared! I woke up with a fresh face, a cute out-fit waiting for me, and a clean kitchen with brewing coffee. Ahhhh, the satisfaction of pushing yourself that extra little bit when you thought you were all out of energy! So rewarding! But my biggest reward is still yet to come, I anxiously await a visit tonight from the lovely, thoughtful and amazing Helen Downie!♥

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh mista sun

I missed the sun today

I love you sun

I love you sun

I love you sun

Sun, you are beautiful!

Sun, you are beautiful!

Sun, you are beautiful!

Friday, February 20, 2009

bye bye tickle?

I think my tickling throat is starting to be untickly- wooooot!

But I don't wanna jinx it, so knock on wood! *she knocks*

I'm feelin' happy. I have a blue scarf around my purse and I think I'm about to tie it on my head. I like bandana's and straight hair. Sometimes it looks very hippie-elegant. It's silky blue, and one of my favorites! Something else that makes me happy is my Porkchop♥

i've been really keeping positive this whole time. now they are really testing me

Ok, I just got THE WORST news. I have been having a few health problems of late, and by late I mean it's been over a year. I've been really optimistic but in the last few months it has gotten increasingly worse and I have spent more time in the hospital than anywhere else. I am suffering from something that we still don't have the answers to. It hurts like hell in my lady parts, my stomach and it sometimes roams up my chest and down my legs, but it all derives from the same core place: my pelvic cavity. I've taken numerous pap tests, gynological exams, ultra sounds and honestly: it's fatiguing. Finally, a doctor suggested laparoscopy which is a diagnostic surgery to determine whether or not I have Endometriosis. Endo: Every month a woman sheds the lining of her uterus which we call our mentrual cycle. The uterus lines itself because every month our bodies prepare themselves for a baby. This tissue is meant to be found in the uterus uniquely.In my case, or so we think, this tissue is growing in other places. When I have my period, like any other woman, I begin to shed the lining from my uterus which is already painful to begin with. Now, the lining found on my ovaries, fallopian tubes, etc is trying to break down but cannot leave my body, which makes 'that time of the month' excruciating to the point where I have to take Dilaudid, which is 5x the strength of regular morphine. Life has become difficult to live. Peeing hurts, sexual intercourse hurts, walking hurts and bowel movements are impossible during 'Aunt Rose's' visit. The original set date for the surgery was December 22nd, 2008. The day of: I haven't eaten yet because you aren't allowed when having surgery, it's 4hpm and I'm sitting in the OR barely covered by their blue, cheap, hospital gowns. I almost had a mental breakdown when they announced that my surgery, due to complications with their last patient, has been cancelled, for TWO MORE MONTHS. Monday coming, February 23rd is the re-scheduled date. Since my last visit to the OR, I have been in the ER twice for 'unbearable pain'. I just got a call. My surgery has been cancelled again and post-poned until March 4th. This is what I feel like. They don't care how much pain I'm in at all. It's devasting. It's depressing. It's killing me.

I AM Beautiful

I am feeling very pretty today. Which is super cool. I put together a really cute outfit, a really flowy dress with black tights and black boots. The only thing is this dress is very 'top-revealing', so I had to wear a half-shirt-pull-over-vest-thing. It looks better without it, but major cleavage at work is skanky, and the company I work for has a total of 6 employees. It would be weird. My hair is straight today which is nice. I like it straight sometimes. I used to like it straight all the time. Now I'm so used to wearing it down the way it goes. That's awesome though because now I can accept it the way it is. Plus, I have more time to sleep in and all I need to do to feel glamorous now and then is to straighten my locks! Yippee!

i usually hang out @ home. it's really fun there


Over my guard
Possibilities fly

and you'll consider yourself at

A Deer
Imagine it your ear
Let it run everywhere
and hear

You can't stop
My positive beat
I'll connect my ears and my feet

I'll be your private dancer


Thursday, February 19, 2009

papa jones visited last night♥

Papa Jones visited last night, which came as a surprise, but was the best unexpected visit ever. He's so interesting and he always has stories to tell. He's a really great listener and there's something very charming about him. His eyes are so curious and still very young; they have such a sparkle to them. You would never guess his real age.

We watched "The Rocker" with that guy from the TV series the office. It turned out to be a really good movie. I love movies that make me laugh. It was funny, believable and not too vulgar. I don't know, but I feel like some directors really feel the need to include a lot of vulgarity in their 'teen targeted' movies. I watched "My Best Friend's Girl" with Dane Cook and it was good, but not as classic as the Rocker. The Rocker just felt like good, (almost)clean fun to me, which in my opinion, is the best kind of fun!

Papa Jones slept on the blow up bed in the living room. Usually, I would feel bad in a natural way, having somebody sleep so close to the floor. I didn't this time, but only because I know how awesome Papa is. He loves nature and old guns, fossils and war antiques. He enjoys life, and I knew that he was just fine where he was.

Yark Yark!

Feeling stuffy
Feeling cramped
Feeling like a nerd at camp

Blogger Up!

Here I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!