Thursday, February 26, 2009

put an end to bullying!

Yesterday was :

I Will Wear Something Pink on February 25th & Take A Stand Against Bullying Day

Why Pink? Get the scoop! Two Nova Scotia students raised awareness after bullies decided to pick on kid for wearing pink.

I wore bright pink and I felt really great about it. My oldest sister was tortured with this form of cruelty all throughout high school. It's disturbing some of the things bullies did to her. They threw batteries at her, lit her hair on fire, and once they broke a cd into pieces and whipped that at her too for no reason. Not only was it extremely hard for my sister to face everyday, but it was also hard on us, her family. They called her so many names and thinking about it to this day still brings tears to my eyes. I wish I could take all that pain away from her memory. I never let anyone bully her when I was around. I love my sister like a helpless fool and I think she's amazingly courageous!

She digs horror flicks and that's her thang! She's an officer for the Facebook group I LOVE HORROR MOVIES!!! which has over 14,000 members! You should check her out and follow the discussion board!

Bullying is something that really affected me closely. If you allow bullying to take place, you are no better than the bully! It usually starts off mild, but bullying can escalate and get very out of hand, driving kids to depression and suicide. Make noise! I am aware and I'll stick up for anybody; nobody deserves to be intimidated or taunted. It's a very important issue in youth's and adults' society. Recognize! You can follow pinkshirtday on Twitter.

Take a STAND! Make a difference. Bullying is so not cool.

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