Friday, February 20, 2009

I AM Beautiful

I am feeling very pretty today. Which is super cool. I put together a really cute outfit, a really flowy dress with black tights and black boots. The only thing is this dress is very 'top-revealing', so I had to wear a half-shirt-pull-over-vest-thing. It looks better without it, but major cleavage at work is skanky, and the company I work for has a total of 6 employees. It would be weird. My hair is straight today which is nice. I like it straight sometimes. I used to like it straight all the time. Now I'm so used to wearing it down the way it goes. That's awesome though because now I can accept it the way it is. Plus, I have more time to sleep in and all I need to do to feel glamorous now and then is to straighten my locks! Yippee!

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