Thursday, February 26, 2009

très late!

I woke up at 7h27am today. Actually I woke up at 6h45, 6h50,7h00,7h09,7h18 and finally got out of bed, or rather jolted out, at 7h27. The first three times are the usual, set alarm clocks. The next three was the snooze button. I work at 8ham, and it takes me 20 minutes to get here. I was dressed, made up, with coffee and out the door @ 7h41. Thank goodness I laid some clothes out for myself the night before! So the only thing I didn't manage to accomplish was mascara, but I stuck it in my purse and I'm off to put that on now. I think 13 minutes is a pretty darn amazing amount of time to look fabulous in! ;) I also grabbed a banana for breakfast, man, I'm a pro!

I got fake eyelash extensions once. Really fancy salons and professionals charge an arm and a leg for them. I've seen prices range from 100$ to 150$ to 250$. I'm assuming they apply real human eyelashes though. Mine were totally fake but so long, curly and black! They cost me 30$. When the woman applied them she told me they would last at least three weeks, maybe six. They only lasted me a week tops before my eyes began to look patchy. They are applied individually with some kind of black super glue so that if there is excess you can't see it. It was fun not to have to apply mascara but have killer, flirty eyes for a week; I felt so beautiful! I would never do it again though because after trying to remove the false lashes myself and pulling out huge chunks of my own, I was pretty much horrified! From now on, au naturel!

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