Tuesday, May 19, 2009

just when you thought i was crazy

I have a swim suit phobia. Ok. So it's not really a fear and more like an insecurity but hey, what can I say? When it comes to some things, I'm just like everybody else.

I bought lots of stuff today. Shades times 3.
I love to dance, oh yes boogie wonderland. I won a contest at my hometown joint without knowing it. Coors light girls came up to me and said: "we need more people like you around here!" They handed me a gift card to bikini village. This all makes sense because that night the bar was decked out in Hawaiian; it was a beach party theme.

I really don't enjoy prancing around in little strings in public. First of all, it makes me very nervous that my lovely lady lumps stress a delicate string and ga-glump. Out pops a bump. Scary. The other reasons, while I must say there are a few, run along the lines of embarrassing, shy, don't like my body naked that much, cellulite... 
So today I trucked on down to BV and bought a bikini. Guess what. Did you know the mirrors inside the cabins at bikini village have a sepia tint to them? It's amazing! The owners purposefully tinted the glass to make the shoppers' reflection appear tan, blemish-less and pretty much perfect. The mirror completely erases all imperfections. Although it makes you feel good while you're trying on the bathing suits, which can often be very unpleasant if you detest your own self image, it is very unrealistic. A tactic to enhance sales for sure. Whatever, I haven't owned a bathing suit since I was 14, so this gift card was a kick in the butt for me. Just get a suit Sarah, you're not that bad. Now that I have it, wearing it is going to be the hard part. 
All in all though, what a lovely gift! It' s so cute and colorful! :)

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