Monday, April 20, 2009

we're "do-it-yourself" kind of folk

On my way back to the city I decided I was going to drop by Foster, QC, a town occupying a couple hundred residents. Lee Shanks lives there, and before my move last year to Montreal, I lived there too. 

I stayed in his comfy, country home on a dirt road. He has a chunk of land I used to love to play soccer on with his two son's Cameron and Dawson. I take the liberty of calling them my nephews. I am in love with those kids.

Turning into his driveway that late Sunday afternoon, my muffler decided it was going to crap out on me. I marched right on inside and said "Lee, come jimmy rig my station wagon, it broke.", and that's exactly what he did.

We're rednecks, country folk. We jimmy rig our cars with wire and bungee chords as the sun sets. I love you Lee.

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