Thursday, April 16, 2009

my little mermaid!

My little sister Alexa, with whom I have been spending a lot of time with recently, is in make-up artistry at Lasalle college: Interdec. Today she was a mannequin for her classmate Adrienne. Adrienne had a test today on body make-up. Her idea, was a mermaid. So, among many other naked people in thongs, my sister stood in a classroom and got her body painted today.

I asked her to keep some of it on her face for me to see. She showed up like this!
I laughed when she explained to me the millions of strangers' expressions taking the metro and bus back to my pad. Haha.
I would have loved to have showed you her 'clams', but that is strictly for her and my eyes :) Just so you know, the purple painted clams over her breasts were really cool, the make-up was very well done. Looked like Ariel's clams.
Damn Alexa, you make one fine mermaid.