Tuesday, April 28, 2009

inside my head.

It was rainy today. I would say yuck but I had marvelous luck. As I ripped the sheets off my legs this morning I realized the sun was shining brilliantly through my open window- is it going to be nice today? I wondered. I checked the mac to see if the stats had changed but no, thunder showers were still expected in the afternoon's forecast. Damn I thought. Now I have to wear a jacket.

The sun shone lovely this morning. I got lost on my way to a new location for work today. I was ten minutes late which was such a bummer because had it not been for getting lost mixed with traffic (deadly combination) I would have been early.

During a 15 minute breather from the board room I went outside to check the weather. It was barely drizzling and it was warm. I stood in the freckly rain and it felt good on my skin.

Work finished early- yes. The rain was up, gone-zo. Hmm, cool I thought. I was stuck in yuck traffic on the ten when all of a sudden...
Sorry, I know the pictures and the clip overall is of poor quality- as in blurry. But want to know a secret? The making, editing and trimming of this video was all done on my Sony Ericsson Walkman cell phone. Yes, text, everything. While roaming my cell's different devices, I discovered a little application called Video DJ. Amazing how far along technology has come. I'm amazed anyway.

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