Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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My maman is adorable. She comments on my blog posts from Facebook because she knows how to log onto my father's account and click on my notes. (I authorized automatic imports) Even though I saved the URL to her favorites and showed her how to access it, she hasn't quite caught on yet. I'm sure she'll read this too... not making fun Maman! Kiss!
I sure miss my older sister, Elise. It feels like I haven't seen her in a while. She's a McGill student in animal health technology. She's really busy with exams at the moment, and last weekend old roommates vacated as a new one moved in. Hopefully I'll be able to reach her tomorrow.
IN BREAKING NEWS! I just got off the phone with my best friend. I've known her since elementary school. Through thick and thin, our friendship has survived bumps, jumps, failures and victories. I could spend a year telling you about every detail of our intimate and shameless bond. She's the reflection of me, except taller and blonde. Oh- and she's a Jehovah's Witness.
No it has not been easy. I took a lot of time, effort and sincerity to understand and gather a fair knowledge about her religion. As her best friend, not only was it written in the invisible code of friendship to respect it, but also be familiar with this belief; something that played a bigger role than being a part of her life. Being a witness was her life and still very much is.
I've attended book studies and assembly's and have had endless midnight conversations lying next to her in the same single bed, or cabin, or wherever our adventures took us. I am telling you, this is my hometown homie, my partner in crime. We celebrated Christmas and Halloween for several years together as children, back when her faith was less strong. But as high school ended she came to a realization of sorts and started studying passionately so that she could become baptized as a true Jehovah's Witness. I have never seen her happier, healthier or stronger.
Her baptism was unbelievable. There, before me, she walked down the steps of the in-ground pool until she was waist-deep. A few words were spoken before the priest slung one arm behind her back and placed one on her forehead, forcing her to trust his grip, sending her backwards underwater. Whether you believe in any religion or none at all, nothing could take away from the magic as she emerged, drenched, eyes closed and mouth open, gaspig for air. A moment I will never forget, I thought to myself, as tears rolled down my cheeks.

@Amberely's wedding
My heart is beating like crazy as I write this, but my best friend, Megan Brittany Savage, is getting married in two weeks. Yes, married. I am excited and nervous and overwhelmed all at the same time.  I can't help but ask her repeatedly- are you sure that this is right? Do you have any doubt at all? I just want the best for my most favorite girl! And that's the breaking news- a hometown-infamous, inseparable team duo is facing the final test. Ok, so  it's not really a test, it's more like a fairy-tale... the fairy-tale we've always dreamed of!
Stereotypically, best friends become each others' maid of honor. Unfortunately, this fairy-tale does not end as perfectly as we had hoped. To everyone else: a minor glitch, to us: devastation. I cannot, due to the fact that I am not a baptized Jehovah's Witness, be Megan's maid of honor. We tried for it, but alas, no go. I have had nine months to come to accept this, but even now, mere weeks before the ceremony, I find myself sad. After all the efforts and the distances travelled to be as supportive as possible, I find myself rejected. Also, I was not invited to the surprise bridal shower thrown by her Aunt, or the suprise lingerie shower thrown by her cousin. I felt excluded.
@ Amberely's wedding
Of course Megan did not have control over who came to her surprise parties, and I'm sure that I was unintentionally forgotten, especially since I am not close to her aunt or cousin and they do not know me well either. As for the maid of honor dilemma, that's a rule we didn't manage to bust. So instead, Megan and her husband-to-be decided not to have any groomsmen or bridesmaids stand next to them at the alter. I know, big move. I was so flattered by the motion, she really is my best friend. She told me, "If you can't stand there, nobody will." The bridesmaids and groomsmen will sit front row however, with me :)

also @ Amberely's wedding (her sister)
I love Megan and I could never imagine a life without her. We've been there for each other, for everything. I am so excited for her special day!

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  1. What an awesome blog post. Reading it, I was kinda sad for you not being able to be a maid of honor or be at those parties girls love to be at. But you're right, a big move to not have anyone there with her..ALL FOR YOU! That's awesome. These are the friendships that matter most :)