Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Put on your coat and don't frown yo!

It was chilly-ish today. A week ago we were ecstatic to have 15 degree weather, but since we had that summer-hot Saturday & Monday, 15 degrees sucks? Com'on folks, quit complaining. It's annoying and negative. Surely it's nippy, but don't cuss about it. It's April!

I looked fly this morning with my white-as-snow blazer cruising down Taschereau sporting my favorite pink aviators. Took me forever to find those babes. Searched high and low and could not find these shades. Finally found them being sold by a dude in the subway. Paid five bucks. He had two pairs left. I bought both.
Something about white makes me feel fancy. I dryclean this jacket to keep it crisp, which makes me feel fancy too.
I liked my hair today. Au naturel. My lip gloss matched my lenses.
here I walk
along the curb
the traffic is thick
the mass is moving quickly

slowly I follow
dragging my toes
my drive is just a little dusty
my confidence a little rusty
I'll merge when I trust you will yield
then you won't pass me
you will find me
when the time is right

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