Thursday, April 16, 2009

good work makes morals beam

I had such a blast. I met Sebastien whose desk was in front of mine. He moved to Quebec from France because his best friend's girl was in love with him. He loved her too but couldn't betray his best friend and moved to Quebec to prevent ruining their wedding-to-be. Sounds like a movie right? He intrigued me immediately.
He's so cool, he's so slick, he's smooth

He introduced me to Jamie Lidell, whose music I now adore. He was "slacked" as well as I was that summer, and he returned to his beautiful country. He was a really funny character. While working with him, we developed the best game: "The Desktop Background Battle". Whoever could find the weirdest or funniest picture on google images won. I laughed receiving and planting these gags. I typed words like "gross, strange and weird" and combinations of these words with funny in the search engine. I would anxiously await the moment when my co-worker would leave his computer.

I also worked with @Helen_Downie who still works there. She's an inspiring soul and a very active person. She's leaving in less than a month to go to Uganda to work with people who come from destroyed homes, but I'll reserve a post for that subject later.

I used to get soy-mocha lattees here. 
They were delicious This cafe chain is tres cool. They live up to their title "Art Java". They make designer foam. I used to get heart or leaf shapes but they can create most anything you ask of them!

Last fall I volunteered for The Cancer Research Society's annual golf fundraiser. I served mimosa's to the ladies and gents as they arrived and later on in the day took over the "Betting Hole". I was assigned hole 18 I believe with two elderly women. Reva was hilarious! She complained about her free lunch provided by the CRS team, huddled under a blanket complaining about the cold and read her newspaper. Her and the other 'mature' woman have been volunteering for years. When I first met them I was scared to be left alone with them for the day: 2 old senile women. But we became friends and they encouraged me to do the raising-of-cash and explain the betting game to the players. Turned out to be the best day of the year, they were quite a pair!
I ended up raising 400$ at my hole alone. I found out later the players had the choice of betting, where as I explained to them as they arrived: "Hi! You've reached the betting hole! To play you must bet 5$....." We had a good laugh about it, but I was mortified!

In any case I stopped by the office for some papers the other day and decided to fill you in. It was nice to see old faces, new ones and simply smile at the memories :)


  1. It's kind of sad that the woman can't remember her own name... Otherwise a very sweet post!


  2. Hey Ryan! I've never seen this comment! Thank you!