Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Le Pont, Le Pont Merveilleux!

Every morning I drive to work, which is only part time right now because I am temporarily working on call, I see a structure that fascinates me. For the longest time now I've wanted to share it with you, but by the time I think of it, it's too late; I'm already under it, more than half-way through.

This morning was perfect. I remembered on the best day. By now, if you're annoyed with my daily blogging of the sun, take a hike! The sun makes me happy and today it was shining all over the city.

So my secret gem? My favorite part of Montreal is The Champlain Bridge. The Jacques Cartier Bridge is sweet too but I never take it. It's spectacular, I love driving under it.

Just to calm the peeps freaked by the driving and cell phone usage. No worries. At no time was I looking into the lens. Eyes on the road at all times :) I like to drive with one hand and I pretty much always do. Holding the phone was like holding an apple or anything really. Twas safe!
I am so proud I remembered today! Awesome, isn't it? I think it's heavenly.

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