Monday, April 6, 2009

rainy, grey skies today

It's been gloomy in the city now for a week. It's beginning to really affect my mood. Waking up to dusty light coming through the windows isn't exactly exciting. I'm feeling unsunny on the inside which makes me feel so crappy. I'm trying to look forward to Thursday which is forecasting a bit of sunshine!! Hm, see I don't mind the rain or snow, as long as I can see a few rays :)

So today I ignored the stay-in-bed syndrome that crappy weather promotes and I stepped out into the rainy day!

I like getting my eyebrows pampered. Well, most women think its ouchy. At least I think. I find it very relaxing, sometimes I even doze off a bit! I like feeling the hair coming out of my skin. It's a funny sensation. Plus, the make up ladies always tell me I have a nice, natural shape to my brow which always makes me feel good!

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