Thursday, April 23, 2009

first day on the job

I can't believe that I've been unemployed for almost two months now. That's nuts! I definitely took advantage though and appreciated that I could more-than-afford the time off. It was sad to realize, however, that my free days were over. Did they ever do me good though.
Monday was my first day of work clocked in at CRDI Monteregie Est. My maman has been working for this company for about 23 years now. My new job title is "assistante en readaption". As it entitles, this position consists of aiding and assisting in the re-adaptation of people with mental and physical deficiencies. The end result is very rewarding. Ps- check out the link and read a few paragraphs. just a few :)
When I was a little girl I used to travel with my mom to work all the time; I loved it. I like people and I like interacting, and  I felt very comfortable communicating with these people. I helped with meals and activities; it all came so naturally to me. I could look at them and see them as my equal, understanding that they were human beings just like me with thoughts, emotions, wants and needs. I am still just as passionate about people, all kinds, and especially the wonder and challenge of conversing with someone who cannot verbally express themselves. You have to go the extra mile to comprehend the needs of the person. It's amazing, and the bond is unique. 
I can't wait to get started! Before any real hands on can begin, a mandatory training is, well, required. Today was my third day of training. Today I learned self-deffense tactics. It was really fun learning, but I'm expecting a few bruises tomorrow :)
Monday and Tuesday was like one long lecture. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited to learn how to approach, understand, integrate, assess and aid our clients, it's just a lot of information to absorb in such a short period of time. I am extremely keen on learning the symptoms and causes for certain behavior's, outbursts, attitudes, mannerisms and conditions. I am even more eager to apply my knowledge so that I may assist the clients in overcoming their problems and issues. I want to help make my clients' lives better, I want to help them adapt to a better lifestyle.
I can't wait to be a pro! I can't wait to get my hands dirty! Oh boy, and I will. Literally..... If only you knew some of the horror stories I've heard! Don't you know some clients need help going to the washroom? And many also need to be bathed? Dear adventure, please try not to give me too many unpleasant surprises!

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