Monday, April 20, 2009

Emma Stevens: Vintage Lover

This weekend I retreated to the country with my little sister Alexa to visit my folks. My daddy was painting the kitchen with his friend Kirk. Kirk's cool, he used to be in a band. Got out of the house though.  The oil primer smelled like shit.

I went to Emma's. Emma is the founder of my hometown's theatre; Theatre Lac Brome. Knowlton, my town, is also known as Brome Lake; it's within the Eastern Townships. Emma is sweet: an artist. She's done a lot of work in the arts. She is an exceptional actress and is a part of ACTRA. Thanks to her, we're with the same agent. Experienced and exceptionally talented; she's been in the business a long time.

She also has a love for vintage. She opened her own joint in the downtown village: Grandpa. She named it in memory of her Grandad. His cane hangs on a wooden beam by the cash box with a small piece of paper that reads "Not for Sale".

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