Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Alexa + Frisbee + Me

Yesterday I hung out with my little sister Alexa
We woke up late but felt the sun's warm sunshine- and it moved us.
We started the day with homemade egg burritos. Can you say delicious? :)

Then we ran out to the park next to my building to play some Frisbee. It was windy-so we were challenged! We ran and dove for that Frisbee: so fun :) Boys joined us to play as they asked politely for permission. Eventually they tried to pick us up which we expected, but of course failed. I'm taken :) But at least they were really nice!

After 2 hours of Frisbee we retreated to the apartment. Remember my Turbo Jam workout with Helen Downie? Once inside Alexa and I attempted the thirty minute routine. Sweaty and hot- we then ran for the roof: to swim!
I have three elevators in my building but only one gets unlocked for the pool at a time. Unfortunately this elevator was busted so we had to go down and face my half-naked, hairy, old, super-intendant to let us up. Yark.

The water was cold at first but we quickly became accustomed. It's a little scary, swimming at nightfall, but the warm water was much to inviting and persuaded us to stay. My neighbor and his daughter came for a dip, but the little one didn't like having cold toes, so they left as quickly as they had come. Thankful for the tranquility and alone-time, Alexa and I swam a few laps and then called it a night.

A veggie burger and movie put us straight to sleep. We had such a wonderful day and the excersise felt so damn good. Frisbee + Turbo Jam + Swimming= Happy Campers!

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