Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Muddled mixed playing tricks

 I got a little messed up today

Dancing Montreal's beat
On cold, windy streets
Maybe a jokester
Ran through my feet?
Dressing room get up
Got annoyed 
Left in a hurry
No clothes for me!
Realized later
My black tights were on inside out.

I decided to go all out and try clothes on and everything- knowing full well I wasn't buying. I don't really enjoy going into a tiny cubicle and undressing myself and trying on stuff, but I just get so darn curious: Will it look as good on me as it does on the hanger?

What irritated me this afternoon, so much that I left, were the girls trying clothes on in the cabin next to me. They said things like, like, like like, like - seriously. I even took out my notebook while changing just so I wouldn't forget some of the exact words.

" Omygod, this like, makes me look totally wide."
"Oh no, it really suits you, because, like, you're soooo skinny and you have a butt. Like, if you had no butt, you would look like a twig."
"Ok, good, because like, I don't know what I look like from behind."

They continued to say things like "You have a great body" , "I do? Oh thanks!", "Yeah, when I look at myself in the mirror I see a freak", "What? No, you're pretty You're sooooo thin"

They were both thin, stylish and beautiful. Sigh.

On another note....

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