Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Uptown girl, she's been living in her uptown world.

I was a downtown gal today! I don't usually bustle around in the heart of the city much, I get awful claustrophobic. Seeing as I was already east, I decided to stop on my return home, at the Eaton Centre.
There weren't too many people so it was alright. I walked into Bikini Village hoping to find a cute one-piece suit, since I'm bathing suit shy. I have 25 free dollars to spend there, a gift certificate I won at a Beach Party for shaking my buns the mostest. I wasn't much in the mood though, and they didn't have much selection.
All of a crazy sudden the Eaton Centre was full of loud whistling noises! There seemed to be hundreds of students blowing whistles. I couldn't hear anything! It was so loud! I captured a clip on my celly. Not fab but check it out!

 Translation "Symphonie pour une universite. En Crise Majeur" =A symphony for a university. In major crisis

I know, you can't even hear what I'm saying! 

" There are people whistling in the Eaton Centre! I don't know why!"
" It's crazy! It's so loud!"

Turns out students were raising awareness for La Communaute De L'universite Du Quebec a Montreal a.k.a UQAM. In English, the University of Quebec in Montreal. I read the leaflet more thoroughly once home, and here are the shocking facts! The government of Quebec is fishing out over 300 million dollars for the renovation of a casino while an under-financed university is and has been struggling to make ends meet for years. This is absolutely outrageous! More outstanding stats can be found at www.uqamengreve.com  
And although the whistling was quite ear-piercing, it did last for only five minutes after all, and it sure made people listen! Everyone was curious about the fuss, and I'm sure many were educated as I was today on this pressing issue. So I say- whistle away!

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