Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dear Earth: I love you

Wednesday was Earth Day. I told myself I wouldn't turn any lights on or buy anything but I didn't entirely succeed. I bought lunch at The Eaton Centre because I was really hungry and I flicked the switches on in my apartment a few times accidentally. Thanks to my sister who was well reminded of my goals-of-the-day. I enjoyed a quiet candle-lit evening in my illuminated apartment. It was awesome. I could do that every night. 
Work is swell. I'm still in school (training) but I love it. I'm learning so much interesting matter. Next week is my first integration (as a hired employee) with the clients. I can hardly keep quiet about it :)
Man I love this earth. Ever just look at the sky and get lost in it? Or stare at a tree? I mean, really look at it? Identify every detail? Imagine how it must feel? I really feel so close to nature, we're friends, for sure. I was driving on the ten the other day and became consumed by the sky. The sun was playing hide and seek in the clouds. It glowed on my skin then it hid, tickled my nose and then hid again. Silly sun.
How about that sun? How about this crazy warm even HOT weather? It was 26+ yesterday! I was outside sweating. In April? It's exciting but scary. My arms only started to chill around midnight last night, but up until then it was still warm enough for me and my tank top. I think I got a little sunburn.
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