Wednesday, April 15, 2009

famous Amos he amazed us!

Amos Joannides himself :)

As previously tweeted and blogged, Monday evening I attended Amos Joannides' concert at my old high school auditorium. 
on our way to see our friend Amos Joannides!
The opening band, Do Me Justice" was good. The music was awesome, the drummer was unique and very soulful. But the lead vocalist made out with the microphone- so gross. It's nasty when singers smush their mouths to the mic. I couldn't understand a thing.
I saw loads of peeps. Shane, Tracy, Eugene (Amos' brother), Ralph (co-actor) and the super @Helen_Downie!
Amos was absolutely insane- as usual. I love him lots. His music is so addictive and he writes poet-genius lyrics. Stuff that makes your heart glow and your mind free. I follow him around Montreal and attend all the gigs I can make it to but this was my first time sitting in a 200+ audience. He was magical, and his excitement and energy was beaming. We were clapping our hands, tapping our toes, closing our eyes and swaying our heads, all the while with a smile. Bliss.
He's so down-to-earth, and his music and words really reflect that. When he sings, he's all- giving.

He was accompanied by a back up vocalist and Alfredo, a cuban guitar genius. He picked some of the craziest notes I have ever heard live. Rock on.
All in all, Amos gave, yet again, another amazing performance. Everything about him makes me smile. You have to go to his website, and I promise you will not regret it! :) 

me and my new shirt!

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