Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Trend

Writing in my notebook never stops. I was away from the internet this weekend. I missed it...I guess. I guess if I had to choose what aspect of it I missed, I would have to say the crowd, the interaction. I mean, I must admit I hope a few people are reading this thing, but only because I hope I am interesting. I think I am. 

My family's thoughts on my notebook:

little cousins: " Qu'est ce que tu ecris?"
me: " N'importe quoi"
little cousins: "Est ce que c'est comme un journal?"
me: " Euuuhhhh.....oui. C'est comme un journal"

My grandmother sat across the table from me as I jotted down scribbled words and said to me in French:

"You'll write that you saw your grandmother's underwear!" - which happened- so it's true.
I laughed. She also said with a mouthful of Easter treats:
"You'll write in your notebook that you are watching a big pig shovel chocolate down it's throat!" She's funny. This stuff actually did end up in my notebook since some of what I share here comes from my notebook. Not for errors or editing/revising. Just because I have pen-withdrawal issues. I have an addiction. I had a really relaxing time in Thurso, QC with my grandmother Aurore. That's Aurora in English, pretty eh?
I finished my book over the Easter weekend. It was really good. I'm trying to figure out how to get in touch with Bruce, I have tons to say to him. The only address I have though is the publishing company in New York- arrrghhh. I'll get to digging in the dirt on that.

completely absorbed

Tonight I am really anxious to sit my ass in my old high school auditorium and watch one of my closest friends, Amos Joannides, perform an all-giving show. He's so amazing, really talented. He has a Jason Mraz vibe. You'll find me there tonight @ Massey Vanier high school @ 7hpm treating my mind and body to earthy, soulful music. "Quebec" is one of my favorites! You can listen/ sample all his songs on his website- and even buy/order a CD there! Have a listen!
music show tonight

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