Monday, March 9, 2009

dark morning

So Saturday night we all lost an hour, I guess. It seems weird that we all think it was erased. It wasn't. The world just re-established what time it was in human. In reality, time does not move back and it does not skip; it stays the same. Time is only measured because we invented measurements. Nonetheless, it was dark outside this morning as I left for work which now seems like foreshadowing. It's usually always daylight when I leave, but I awoke earlier due to the 'change in time'. (I still think that's so funny!)

I was barely at work a half hour before being called into my boss' office. The news they gave me didn't shock me. I just didn't expect today. I mean, I didn't wake up this morning thinking: today I'm going to get laid off.

It's not a big deal because I really didn't like my job at all. I loved the people I worked with, and they've been so kind to me. Actually, I couldn't figure out how to quit. My emotions were muddled and I had my morals all mixed up. Anyway, economic times are tough and the company couldn't afford me anymore.

Damn. I was wearing a really cute outfit today too. I bought a shirt at Simon's over the weekend with one sleeve for five bucks. I matched it with a pair of pretend peacock feather earrings. I look so darn ready for Cuba. All dressed up and nowhere to go. Sigh.

They told me I could leave right away and they would pay me for the two weeks. It's required to give that much notice, and they couldn't very well leave me with nothing. So here I am. At home on my Mac. Just contemplating. I think this is a very good thing though. I feel very liberated.

I am not really stressed at the moment and I know something will come along. There's an unlocked door somewhere that I need to open. I'm excited and happy, and I'm not gloomy at all. As I drove home a few flurries of snow fell from the sky. Mother nature can be so darn symbolic sometimes.

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