Tuesday, March 3, 2009

what color do you feel like today?

Recently, I have a growing fantasy to own 1, ooo, ooo different colors:

In the last few years I've been really conscious on setting myself free of materialism. I would be lying if I said I loved myself 100%. I mean, yes, there are days when I feel less-than-flawless and I admit to having tried a number of different beauty services. I used to get acrylic nails a lot because I used to bite my real nails to the skin. I wanted to feel more girly, which in the end, made me feel prettier. With time, I've completely stopped biting my nails. They're still a little weak and break sometimes, but I have got them long most times au naturel, and they will strengthen in time. I stopped wearing nail polish for a while so that my nails could recover from the super-toxic-badness of acrylic. But now, suddenly, I have these crazy urges to buy nail polish in every color and wild variations! Yesterday my nails were black: they made me feel edgy and chic. Today, they are a very light, baby pink: they make me feel very girly and gentle. I have beautiful nails, and they are my own :) And I paint them sometimes when I'm feeling colorful ;)

I work on self-love everyday. Feels so good to throw that nail-doubt, out!


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