Tuesday, March 10, 2009

i'm a slob today. a big real one.

I woke up 12hpm today and my apartment is literally upside down. I am due for a shower and I feel really gross. The kitchen is full of dishes and there are some noodles and sauce from last night still out- yuck. I feel super gross. Lazy. I'm wearing my glasses this morning. Er...afternoon. 

I really don't like video games, because they captivate you and suck you in: turning you into a slob. I'm a slob today. I was a slob last night. I played video games until 1h30 am eating popcorn and drinking chocolate milk. Mike likes video games and I like pacman, so he got a pacman video game. Instead of doing dishes I played with him. He left for his midnight shift and I continued playing. 

Blargh! I will do nothing! I will take advantage! I have a little vacation for a few days due to the sudden unemployment and I will benefit! So what I didn't do dishes last night? Yeah! And now, in all slob-ness, I think I will play pacman again for a bit. Then I'll wash.

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  1. don't like video games. They take all time and then... I feel how my brain cease to work. it's terrible feelings.