Tuesday, March 3, 2009

sunny sidewalk

What a beautiful, sunny day! I felt my soul was thirsty as the rays soaked through my skin. I felt like the sunshine was dancing on my cheeks despite the cold wind chill. It gave me such a boost of energy. The sun's warmth makes me feel nimble. Walking to my building from the parking lot I stopped at a red light. The car on the corner did not budge although his light was green. From the looks of things it was a carpool, and they were all staring at me. I smiled and motioned to the green light with my thermos, and they either realized the light was green, thought I was cute, or were letting me cross the street on their right of way, but it doesn't really matter! All options equal positive energy for me! And I felt it! I love smiling to strangers that smile back, it's a secret world of giving good, and we all chuckled as the car drove away. We were looking out for each other at that moment, and the anonymity is what makes it that more special :) Happy Tuesday!

This was taken at home one evening as the sun was about to set. Compliments of Mike Jones, an exceptional photographer. Can you believe this photograph was taken with a sony ericsson phone that has only 3 megapixels? I suppose you can't hide the beauty of such a glorious power :)

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